Coping skill… watercolor

My niece got me into taking an online watercolor class. And at first I was really excited about it. But in all honesty I didn’t end up doing the class. I even ended up taking back the stuff that I had bought at Michael’s to start painting. In therapy there are a couple people who either draw, read, do crossword puzzles and there is one girl who colors with brush markers. She let me play with them one day and I fell in love with them. I went on a shopping spree and decided to buy them along with other water pens to help with blending. I got the Arteza 48 Real Water Brush PensArteza water brush pens, and Assorted tips Arteza brush pens. I have always been artistic and could draw and color but never tried my hand at painting anything. So I am far from an expert! I am learning the lingo and what best paper I like and what type of things I like to paint. I started with floral’s and have ventured into some abstract. Below are the items that I am using and that I have liked so far. I will post more of the paintings I do in upcoming blogs! real-brush-pens.png




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