Its been awhile…

I took some time away from posting due to just having a hard time lately with my ED. I am on the restriction train and I also purged one day this week. I know that road to recovery is a process but lately its been so challenging and I feel like such an emotional wreck. My anxiety has been up and my body image is super high right now. I mirror check every day, and pinch my fat daily to see if its getting less. I think a lot of my behaviors are driven by not having my scale. I used to weigh myself everyday. Since my scale has been taken away I feel that I am having a really hard time with it all. I have taken up watercolor to help with my stress and anxiety level. I feel that its helping but I still find myself thinking about my weight constantly. I feel hopeless but I think that I need to just continue to go to therapy in hopes that I will get over this hump soon!


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