It’s been difficult lately. I have been on medical leave for a week now and have been going to program during the day for 2 days now. I am not completely convinced that I like the structure for program during the day yet. I miss my evening peers and had huge anxiety going into my first day. But it has eased up a bit and I am getting the hang of things.

I had huge urges to exercise today. I had it all planned out too even though I haven’t been released to workout it. But after processing and talking to my therapist and nutritionist I realized that it was my ED talking and that I really need to focus on recovery and not push myself yet to workout. I know I will get there and I need to be have patience. For now I just have to keep putting work into my goals and my meal plan and let it all happen when it happens. I leave ya with a picture I took of the cutest thing I have seen in a long time! I want one now! Lol

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